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I'm Aalok / आलोक / [alok/alɵk]

(what is this?) (how to pronounce?)

I'm an undergraduate student at the University of Richmond, VA, USA ('21), originally from Pune, India.

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Broadly speaking, I am interested in intelligent behavior and complex systems.


I pursue my interests through computer science, math(s), linguistics, and cognitive science.

My research focuses on language understanding, through computational modeling and natural language processing, as well as through psycholinguistics.

In my free time I like to play football (soccer), explore local trails on a bicycle or while hiking, take pictures, play table tennis, sing and listen to Hindustani classical music and The Beatles, and write code for fun.

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A list of courses I've taken.
University of Richmond

Spring 2021

Math 389 Statistical Learning
Psyc 343 Psycholinguistics
Psyc 449 Adv. Seminar on Misunderstanding Language (audit)
Phil 101 Introduction to Philosophy
CS 340 Honors research on Fact-checking
9.S52 Language in the Mind and Brain (audit)

Fall 2020

CS 323 Design and Implementation of Programming Languages
Math 329 Probability
Psyc 331 Behavioral Neuroscience
Phil 381 Philosophy of Language (audit)
CS 340 Honors research on Fact-checking

University of Edinburgh

Spring 2020

INFR 11157 Natural Language Understanding, Generation, and Machine Translation (NLU+)
INFR 10059 Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
LASC 10018 Simulating Language
INFR 11022 Distributed Systems

University of Richmond

Fall 2019

CS 326 Simulation (Hons.)
Math 320 Real Analysis
Math 395 Number Theory
Psyc 333 Cognitive Science
Ling 340 Prosody and Syntax in Vedic Sanskrit
Music Ensemble 196 Schola Cantorum (choir)

Spring 2019

CS 395 Advanced Algorithms (Hons.)
CS 301 Computer Organization
Phil 272 Modern Western Philosophy
Music Ensemble 196 Schola Cantorum (choir)
CS 340 Speech and Audio Processing Research (independent)
CS 340 Fact Checking and Argument Mining Research (independent)

Fall 2018

CS 315 Algorithms
Math 245 Linear Algebra
Psyc 200 Methods and Analyses
Classics 105 Introduction to Syntax
CS 340 Machine Learning for NLP (independent)

Spring 2018

CS 222 Discrete Structures
Math 300 Fundamentals of Abstract Math
FYS 100 'Groupology' Group Dynamics
Ling 350 Introductory Linguistics
CS 240 Software Systems Development
CS 340 Introductory NLP (independent)

Fall 2017

CS 221 Data Structures
Math 235 Multivariate Calculus
Psyc 100 Introduction to Psychological Science
FYS 100 Civic Journalism and Social Justice
MSAP 160 Voice

University of Pune & Indian Institute of Technology-GIAN series

Fall 2016

Modern Methods of Brain Exploration with a Focus on fMRI

ACM Chapter

I'm involved with the ACM chapter at UR. As the ACM Chapter, we conduct events, such as the annual hackthon SpiderHacks, tech talks, alumni in tech visits, and workshops for beginners.

Competitive programming

I enjoy coding solutions to competitive programming puzzles and problems. I was on a team with two others to compete at the ACM-ICPC 2018 regionals; we finished first at the testing site (Christopher Newport University), and 20th overall in the region (Mid-Atlantic USA). I highly recommend taking a shot at the ICPC because it is really fun and will keep your algorithms skills on their toes (and that helps almost everywhere).

Linguistics olympiad

After having participated in the Panini Linguistics Olympiad (PLO) and the International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL), I have been contributing to the PLO as a jury and problem design committee member, as well as to the new Asia-Pacific Linguistics Olympiad (APLO), also as a jury and problem design committee member. Being involved with PLO also means I help out with mentoring the selected team for the IOL.

Board game nights

The UR Math/CS department holds weekly board game nights on Tuesdays at 5:30pm, at Jepson 212C. We play strategy and logic-based board games rather than overly randomness-based board games such as Monopoly. Here are some of my personal favorites:


I like to bike around. Fortunately, both, Pune and Richmond are relatively bike-friendly towns (although Pune is getting worse at this metric). You can find some of my favorite/frequented routes on Strava.

Football (Soccer)

A friend and I started a student organization called UR Pickup Soccer, which helps organize weekly pick-up soccer games every Friday evening, coordinate when people are available to play, make field reservations and procure equipment. It's going slow amidst all the other work and academic commitments, but it's something and it's helping.


A blog with some friends accessible here.

Get in touch!


[first] [dot] [last] [at] richmond [dot] edu


Please address it to

Aalok Sathe

UR 2171, 410 Westhampton Way

University of Richmond, VA 23173, USA

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